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About the ISRM Student Network

The ISRM Student Network is an independet and dynamic platform designed for students across all disciplines who are passionate about security, risk and crisis management. Our network offers a unique space for students to share and showcase their research, engage with peers and develop their skills.

We welcome students at any level of university study, from undergraduate to Ph.D, we provide a community where ideas flourish and professional growth is nurtured.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower the next generation of leaders by providing a platform for learning, collaboration and personal and professional development.

Mission statement: Empowering next generation of leaders

Key to our vision is the inclusion of students in navigating the intricate issues of our times. We believe that young people are essential in addressing the multifaceted challenges we are facing today.

It is important for students from all disciplines to engage in these global conversations, offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to shape a safer and more resilient future. We aim to drive engagement within our network through initiatives like case competitions, internships and collaborative projects to enhance their practical skills and industry connections and prepare them for real-world challenges.



Membership in the ISRM Student Network is open to any student enrolled in a university-level programme, regardless of their specific field of study. Registration requires only an email address, which will be used for all network correspondence.

A nominal fee of £25 per year grants you access to our global community, various projects, programmes and a rich library you can use for all your academic-related work.

Through this network, students become part of a larger conversation and can contribute to the global discourse on strategic risk and crisis management, while building a strong foundation for their future careers.

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