Preparing for Crisis - Crisis Decision Making

Episode 3 of 5

“Preparing for Crisis” is a documentary series for company executives to raise awareness of the need for radical changes in the way companies think about and prepare for threats to their business. We’d like to thank all our clients who took part in the filming for their insights gained from years of experience.

This episode discusses the problems of decision-making under pressure and introduces the concept of “decision inertia” in which despite intense mental problem-solving, leaders fail to act.

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Interviewees in alphabetical order:

Robyn Berry

Project Manager

RW Consulting Solutions Limited

Alison Burrell

Associate Director – Communications

NYA International

Dave Cope

Crisis Manager

Group Corporate Security Vodafone

Steve Hather



Tim Lambon

Director Crisis Response

NYA International

Dr Nicola Power

Lecturer in Psychology Lancaster University

Dr David Rubens

Executive Director

Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Katie Ruff

Operations Manager

RW Consulting Solutions Limited

Rosanna Voulters

Senior Manager Reputation, Crisis & Resilience

Deloitte LLP

Rob Walley


RW Consulting Solutions Limited