Melissa Mack

United States

Director, Pinkerton


Melissa Mack is a passionate security management professional with 20 years of experience protecting assets and educating business leaders about safety, security, and risk. Melissa is actively engaged in the industry and strives for the promotion of integrity and excellence in the profession.

Melissa’s work experience includes security management positions at global, regional, and local levels. Melissa has managed organizational security programs ensuring compliance with corporate, client, and regulatory requirements. She has developed and led workplace violence prevention programs responsible for threat management and training as well as participated in global, regional, and local incident management teams. She has experience managing physical security systems including access control, surveillance systems, alarms, and visitor management. Melissa has also managed global real estate projects, vendor relationships, security officer services, and physical security systems personnel. During her industry tenure, Melissa has also held various roles with several retailers developing and managing asset protection programs. These programs range from compliance, policy and procedure development, and training to investigations, fraud, and data analytics.


  • ISRM Houston Chapter - Order and Chaos: Engaging With Crisis Events - F4: Flood, Fire, Freeze & Failure - 15th September 2021