Global Crisis Watch Ukraine Special Edition

As an update to our Global Crisis Watch Ukraine Special Edition, we are delighted to welcome Dmytro Tretiakov, Vice President of the CEO Club London, as our esteemed guest speaker for this week’s Ukraine Special Edition. Dmytro Tretiakov is an experienced diplomat with 14 years of multifaceted diplomatic experience and deep involvement in think tanks, parliamentary cooperation, political affairs and academic development who has most recently spent six years in the Ukrainian embassy in London. He serves as the Vice-President of the CEO Club London - the extension of the most powerful business community in Ukraine – CEO Club Ukraine, whose mission is to develop cooperation and partnerships between Ukrainian and international businesses.

The GCW Special Edition will explore the current dynamics of the Ukrainain conflict, focusing on the critical roles of international cooperation and strategic collaboration in developing a roadmap for Ukraine's future amidst these challenging times.

This is a unique opportunity to gain expert perspectives on the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the implications for global stability and the role of business and diplomacy in crafting sustainable solutions.


  • Special Edition Global Crisis Watch
  • Friday, February 16th at 10:00 GMT