Global Crisis Watch 272

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 272 on Friday, 19th April at 10.00 BST.


The highlighted topics will include:

War in Sudan: The World's Forgotten Conflicts

The brutal civil war in Sudan has escalated as 30 villages burned in March, marking the conflict's most destructive month since its onset over a year ago. Satellite analysis and ground reports confirm the intensifying strife between the national army and the paramilitary RSF, especially in Darfur. The recent violence in North Darfur’s capital, El Fasher, triggered a mass exodus of 40,000 residents following RSF-led atrocities, sparking international alarm over a humanitarian crisis. Amidst rising destruction, international donors have pledged over €2 billion in aid, reflecting the gravity of Sudan’s overlooked tragedy.


War in Ukraine : Has the West lost interest?

As the Ukraine conflict persists, Western attention wanes and it is overshadowed by other global crises. Key powers no longer prioritise Ukraine in international discourse or media, as exemplified by scarce news coverage and unattempted UN resolutions for peace. Even as Ukraine suffers significant losses, such as the recent fall of Avdiivka, the West's dwindling material support and strategic indecisiveness—marked by hesitance over arms deliveries and nuclear fears—highlight a growing disengagement, risking Ukraine's survival amid escalating threats.


Middle East Crisis

On Saturday, April 13, Iran launched a drone and missile strike on Israel, fundamentally altering the longstanding dynamics of their conflict and inching the Middle East toward a broader regional confrontation. This orchestrated attack, more about showcasing deterrence than causing destruction, involved forewarning to international capitals. The incident has paradoxically consolidated global support for Israel amidst its contentious Gaza actions, underscoring the intricate geopolitical interplay and the essential roles of the US and Gulf states' diplomacy in managing these escalating tensions.


Sydney Attacks

Over just a few days, Sydney was rocked by two harrowing knife attacks. In the first incident, Joel Cauchi, 40, targeted women in a stabbing spree at Westfield Bondi Junction mall, resulting in the deaths of five women and a male security guard who tried to intervene. The violence continued when a 16-year-old boy attacked a bishop and a priest during a church service at Christ the Good Shepherd Church, sparking a riot outside the church as the community reacted with shock and anger. The attacks have left the city on edge, with heightened security and a palpable sense of fear among residents.


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