David Horobin F.ISRM


Director, Crisis Management Cluster, Geneva Centre for Security Policy


David has a lifetime of experience on the frontlines of complex emergencies.

As well as serving as Director Operations Team, Conflict and Humanitarian Affairs at the Department for International Development (DFID), he spent twenty five years at senior regional and global management positions within the ICRC (International Committee for Red Cross/Crescent) including Head of the Rapid Deployment Unit and then Head, Security and Crisis Management.

In March 2017 David was appointed head of the Crisis Management Cluster at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, bringing his experience in developing and applying CM policy, response and training into a wide range of global complex situations in particular for large International Organisations (IO’s, NGO’s) and governments.

Since his appointment, David has been working with specialist colleagues at GCSP and other academic institutes on the development of an enhanced understanding of crisis leadership and decision making as a distinct skill, one which is not generally nor adequately covered in normative adult education or business programmes.