Unlock The Power of AI In Risk Management

  • 16/05/2024, 12:30 /CET/
  • Online / In-Place at University of Warsaw

Join us for a groundbreaking conference exploring the revolutionary impact of AI on risk management strategies.

Gain a competitive edge in the AI era by learning from pioneering experts, researchers, and industry leaders who harness AI’s potential to create innovative solutions that minimize threats and enhance organizational resilience.


  • Learn from leading experts in AI-driven risk management
  • Explore real-world case studies showcasing the application of AI in compliance, business continuity, and navigating turbulent times
  • Discover the opportunities offered by automation, analytics, and machine learning in strategic risk planning
  • Engage in interactive discussions and networking sessions with technology experts and innovators
  • Position yourself and your organization at the cutting edge of the AI revolution in risk management


Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock AI's transformative potential in risk management.

Register now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of quality management in the era of artificial intelligence!

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