ISRM Mexico City Chapter Announcement

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the ISRM Mexico City Chapter, which will serve as an integral part of the ISRM North America hub.

Mexico City's dynamic economic activities, diverse industries and distinct cultural landscape create a risk environment that is both unique and demanding. It calls for innovative risk management approaches, the implementation of best practices and effective strategies to navigate its complexities.

The ISRM Mexico City Chapter is poised to serve as a vibrant platform for exchanging knowledge and insights and fostering collaboration among individuals who share a passion for risk management.

We are delighted to introduce Lee Oughton as the Chair of the ISRM Mexico City Chapter!


Lee is the Chief Customer Officer at SPS, The Co-Founder and Kindness Crusader for the Kindness Games. A Board Member for Project ZF and a recognized positive, proactive and dynamic C Suite Executive with a highly successful international career within security and risk management; working extensively within corporate and high risk environments.

A champion strategist; building businesses, corporate programs, formulating policies and procedures designed to minimize exposure to risks, threats, vulnerabilities & associated consequences within organizations.

Lee utilizes his strong skills and platform in communication and negotiation to influence high level decisions and to build strategic relationships with executives, key decision makers, customers, service providers and law enforcement agencies.