Global Crisis Watch 264

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 264 on Friday, February 23 rd at 10.00 GMT.


The highlighted topics will include:

Mystery Surrounds Sudden Death of Russian Opposition Leader Navalny

The sudden death of Alexei Navalny, Putin's most vocal domestic critic, has sent shockwaves. As announced by the Federal Penitentiary Service, his death occurred in a penal colony in Arctic, suddenly after losing consciousness post-walk on Feb 16, 2024. Cause of death remains undetermined, with investigations ongoing. Reports mention "sudden death syndrome," possible blood clot and evidence of bruising. Navalny's health had been a concern, highlighted by his challenging prison conditions and previous solitary confinements. His body's whereabouts are currently unclear.


International Tensions Rise as US Vetoes Ceasefire and Israel Alleged Strikes in Syria

The US vetoed the UN Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, marking its third veto amid the escalating Israel-Gaza conflict, despite global calls for peace. Global leaders, including from China and Russia, condemned the move, accusing the US of exacerbating the violence. The veto, opposed by 13 members with the UK abstaining, has faced criticism, accusing the US of enabling the ongoing violence that has resulted in over 29,000 Palestinian deaths. Amidst these tensions, Israel allegedally conducted airstrikes in Syria, targeting Iran-linked sites and killing two, which raised concerns over the widening scope of conflict.


Biden Outraises Trump with Smaller Donor Base Ahead of 2024 Showdown

Donald Trump enters the 2024 election year with 200,000 fewer donors than in his last presidential campaign, which raises concerns about his fundraising capabilities amid increasing legal expenses. Despite raising $189 million in 2023, Trump's donor base has shrunk, while Joe Biden, with fewer donors, raised $202 million. Trump's reliance on small-dollar donations faces challenges from donor fatigue, rising living costs and competition within the Republican party. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign boasts a record $130 million war chest, outpacing pro-Trump groups' $65 million.


EU Farmers Protest for Relief as Governments Scramble to Address Concerns

Farmers across the EU are voicing their discontent with burdensome regulations, escalating diesel prices and insufficient government support. In response, the European Commission and national governments are implementing measures such as limiting Ukrainian agricultural imports and adjusting subsidy policies. The discontent spans from France's and Germany's pushback on diesel subsidy cuts to Greece's call for better compensation post-floods, reflecting a broad demand for improved conditions and financial relief in the agricultural sector.


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