Global Crisis Watch 251

Media plays the main role in shaping our perceptions of the world. It often appears as if the global stage can only accommodate one dominant story at a time, leaving other issues eclipsed in the shadows. You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 251, on Friday, November 17th at 10.00 GMT, as we explore the undeniable question: 'If it is not in the news, did it really happen?'


The highlighted topics will include:

Chinese President Xi Jinping Arrives in the US

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made his first visit to the United States in six years. During his visit, Xi has met with US President Joe Biden as they both attend the annual summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) grouping. The aim of the talks is to restore normal communications between the two countries, including military-to-military contacts, as tensions have risen over various issues such as trade, human rights, and the pandemic. While economic matters such as curbing fentanyl production will be discussed, geopolitical tensions, including the Israel-Hamas conflict and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are expected to dominate the discussions.


Pakistan Cracks Down on Afghan Refugees, Igniting Humanitarian Crisis

The Pakistani government had given the deadline of Nov. 1 for undocumented Afghan refugees and migrants to leave the country, essentially expelling more than 1.5 million people. Over 300,000 Afghans have since crossed into Afghanistan, and Pakistani security forces are intensifying their crackdown, arresting and deporting Afghans in wide sweeps. Pakistani police are harassing, assaulting and detaining Afghans arbitrarily. They are even penalizing Pakistanis who are providing accommodation to Afghans.


Suella Braverman Accuses Prime Minister of Betrayal in Resignation Letter

Former British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has criticised the Prime Minister Sunak following her dismissal, accusing him of being "uncertain" and "weak" in his leadership. Braverman published a resignation letter in which she alleged that Sunak had repeatedly failed to deliver on key pledges and suggested he never intended to keep them. She had been fired after making controversial statements, including calling homelessness a "lifestyle choice" and criticising police handling of pro-Palestinian protests. Braverman also accused Sunak of lacking a "Plan B" if the government's asylum-seeker policy is blocked by the Supreme Court (which has now been confirmed in a court ruling on Wednesday). This move is seen as part of her bid to lead the Conservative Party's right-wing faction, although she has minority support within the party.


Israel-Palestine: A Month of Ongoing Conflict

Fuel shortages in Gaza have reached a critical point, with the UN's last stocks running out. This has severely impacted humanitarian operations, especially in hospitals and essential facilities, while telecommunications services are at risk of being shut down. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue their operations in Gaza, including searches for Hamas infrastructure in Al-Shifa Hospital. The situation is complex, with a lack of fuel causing challenges in providing medical care. Concerns persist about more than 240 hostages, including around 30 children, taken by Hamas on October 7, with their fates still largely unknown.

There have been on-going anti-Israel / pro-Palestine marches around the world, though there is still a lack of political will from world leaders to call for a formal cease-fire.


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