Global Crisis Watch 239

As we gather for Global Crisis Watch 239, we find ourselves in an uncommon moment of tranquility, marking what might be the quietest week since we started GCW during the COVID- 19 pandemic.


This week, while not bustling with sensational headlines, offers us an opportunity to discuss the steady challenges that persist in our world.

Climate change rages on, with heatwaves and wildfires that continue to ravage regions. The war in Ukraine marches forward into its 538th day and economic concerns and social issues refuse to pause.

ISRM Global Crisis Watch stands as a testament to our ability to collectively address these challenges, whether they dominate headlines or remain hidden beneath the surface. In this peaceful week, our commitment to understanding, collaboration and preparedness remains crucial.

These quiet moments offer us an opportunity to reflect, engage and acknowledge that even without dramatic news, our world is far from dormant. It's within these intervals that the importance of ongoing conversations and shared insights comes to the forefront.

As we move forward, these recorded conversations reflect our commitment to face these challenges head-on and work collectively towards creating a sustainable future.

Join us and add your voice to the discussion.