COVID-19 Risk & Opportunity
Online Conference

In this challenging time, we need the tools, skills, knowledge and fortitude to persevere and cope, not only as individuals but as businesses too.

Date : 09 April 2020 / Time : 09:45 – 13:30 / Cost : $69 Per Person

This event, organised due to the success of our last few webinars, aims to empower the individual to successfully understand risk and opportunity and how to position one’s self and one’s business to minimise downside effects and seize upside opportunities, amid the current turbulent impacts of COVID-19.

We have put together an amazing schedule of speakers who will cover off on a wide range of topics that will help prepare you mentally and emotionally for the challenges that we are all facing and will provide a framework of concepts and ideas that will enable you to shift into a mindset of Presilience.