An Introduction to the ISRM’s AI in Risk Management Special Interest Group

  • 11/07/2024, 11:00 /BST/
  • Online

Join us for an important introduction to our Special Interest Group, AI in Risk Management. The group, made-up of academics, practitioners and experts will discuss the implications of AI for the field of risk management and, provide key insights into this important emerging field. 

Today, as the world grows ever more complex the risk manager struggles to identify and manage every possible risk and crises. What role can and should AI play in supporting the risk manager?


Our panelists:

Andrew Tollinton - SiG chair / CEO, SIRV

Pauline Norstrom, SiG Vice Chair / CEO, Anekanta AI

Doug Gray - SiG Member / Rist strategy manager, Human risks

Mads Paeregaard - SiG Member / CEO, Human Risks

Peter Senkus - SiG Member / Adjunct Professor, University of Warsaw