AI in Risk Management: An Open Discussion Between Users & Developers

The integration of AI tools in large organisations promises to revolutionise risk management and strategic decision making - empowering risk managers to analyse vast amounts of data, provide more comprehensive insights on emerging threats, and manage complex risk profiles in real time.

Modern machine learning algorithms are adept at identifying patterns in a way that risk managers often don’t have the resources or knowledge to implement in traditional business processes. However, while the integration of new AI tools offers numerous potential benefits it also poses a number of challenges which need to be proactively considered: data accuracy, skills gaps in existing teams, regulatory compliance, security risks, and the development of robust business case for integration in existing processes.

To tackle some of these challenges and look at some of the substantial opportunities AI integration can bring, join the ISRM’s London Chapter for their first event for 2024: AI in Risk Management - an Open Discussion Between Users & Developers. The online event will bring together a panel of risk managers and AI developers for an open discussion on the use case for AI risk management tools in 2024, and the challenges to tackle as the landscape of potential solutions continues to evolve.

All registrants will get the chance to submit a question for discussion ahead of the event, and provide their input as the panel looks at the use of AI tools from both perspectives - so take this opportunity to be a part of a conversation which is rapidly redefining the development of best practice in 2024.